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Biz Success School

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Have an idea, put it into a system and get down to business!


You are a Contemporary Conscious Woman that wants to start her own business (or find a fulfilling career).

You have an idea (more or less) about how you want your dream job to look like.

You know a bit about business, you had some experience & you are a volcano of ideas, but... 

You need a system or a structure that is: 

Proven for Success

Easy to follow

It adapts to your Lifestyle & Personality

& it gets you going...

The focus is to create a structure (that you love), get down to work together & create awesome results before you know it!

Biz Success School 6 Modules

Each module goes deep into working with your project & idea to help you develop a successful business system that you can rely on!

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1. Find or Refine Your Business Idea

And make sure it is aligned with your authentic self

• Why you want to do this

• What is the problem you solve

• How you are solving it

• Who you are serving

• Your Story of Transformation

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2. gEt clarity on your life priorities

Design Your Ideal Lifestyle

• Time Scheduling

• The Abundance Quest

• Get clarity around Goals & Results

• Cultivating a Success Mindset

• Motivation & Buffering

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3. Clear up all the dust and pebbles

Turn Obstacles into your To-Do List

Working with Fear VS Confidence

• Mind & Emotional Management

• Learn it or Delegate it

• Societal / Past / Cultural Conditioning

• Foster Creativity

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4. Build your unique style

Personal branding & Positioning

• How to build an effective brand

• Connect with Influencers

• Create a solid Identity

• Content Creation (Omnichannel)

• Define your Marketing Strategy

• How to set your Happy Price

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5. Put it all into a system

Proven systems that get results

• The Science of Planning

• Productivity & Stress Management

• Adapt the method to your needs

• Setting up Sales Systems & Adv

• Passive & Active Incomes

• Repurposing Content

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6. and... you have your business up and running!

Fall in love with what you do every day

• Challenges for the Future

• How to build a business that lasts

• Rinse & Repeat

• Strategy for Product Launch

• Legal stuff


Biz Success School is for you if...

• You want to be your own boss & you don't compromise on what is important in your life

• You want a soul-driven business or independent career 

• You choose to shine your own light

• You want to be known, respected & valued for the work you do  

• You don't have a lot of money to invest in your business idea right now

• You are a solopreneur - you don't have a team - and you are just starting out

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The fulfillment of doing what you Love

Build a business that shines your own ligth!


Biz Success School Program Features

6 Full Content Modules spread over 12 weeks

To leave plenty of time for applying the new concepts & to leave room for your own life (stress free!).

Every Module consists of 1 hour class packed of high value content.

• Practical hands-on program

More than a school, think of it as a workshop where we build your business step by step. 

6 Q&A Group calls

Each one in between Modules to give you the opportunity of clearing out all the doubts & problems you may find on the way.  

+ 5 very unique features... 

• All classes are taught live directly by me & you are able to ask questions & interact at any time!

3 individual coaching & tutoring calls covering your specific needs throughout the program

• No handouts! Take your own notes: the best way to make sure you learn the material with no effort

2 Free Follow Up calls after the end of the course, one after 30 days and one after 90 days

• Learn & Review® Teaching Method Leaving some space between the Module call and the Review call allows you to come up with real questions so I can help you solving real problems 

A practical 12 weeks overview on How to start a Soul-aligned Business or Career - and rock at it!

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Who is teaching it?

I am a Life Coach and Business Owner.

Besides, I run a start-up about Sustainability, Fashion & Circular Economy and I help in strategic business consultancies. 

I've always been interested in entrepreneurship & impactful businesses - indeed I studied Social Entrepreneurship & Management as my Masters. 

I believe every business that is aligned with your soul's yearning is going to make a positive impact in the world! 

Why I created this program

Being a solopreneur myself, I went through many ideas, strategies, methods and techniques recommended by "business experts"... 

I spent years trying to figure out what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it and actually building something that was a business...

I would study all kind of programs, some that were a bit too techy (traffic & internet marketing) and others that were a bit too naive ("you just have to visualize your ideal clients and they will appear... ").

I even spent a considerate amount of money (in the order of thousands of euros!) to pay for Marketing & Business courses from well-known business experts, on top of business studies at University. 

So I've condensed all of these knowledge, hands-on experience and practice 

Into a uniquely designed program 

That will apply the latest, hypest methods of Marketing, Business Management & Productivity

To your own particular case

So that you can get results faster than you think...

That's why I only accept small groups - even though it's an internet school

and there are individual calls throughout and after the program. 

Moreover, I wanted to make it affordable. 

When you are a solopreneur who is building the job of her dreams

I know how much challenges you have to go through

(sometimes they feel like sacrifices more than challenges...) 

and how much time & effort you are putting into making your dreams come true. 

I want to offer you a system & structure

that you can learn, apply, rinse and repeat

for as many times as you want in your life

And that leaves you doing what you love, exactly as you like it...