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Ep 6 • 😃   Easy Kidneys Cleanse with Herbal Tea


Ep 6 • 😃  Easy Kidneys Cleanse with Herbal Tea

Sara Francesca

Herbs mix to clean your kidneys 

According to Andrea Moritz book "Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation". 

  1. 30g Majorana
  2. 30g Catsclaw 
  3. 30g Comfrey root
  4. 60g Fennel seeds
  5. 60g Chicory
  6. 60g Bearberry leaf
  7. 60g Hydrangea root
  8. 60g Eupatorium purpureum root
  9. 60g Marshmallow root (... the plant, not the candies! ;)
  10. 60g Solidago grass 

Drink this for 30 days + Vegan diet = Happy Kidneys!

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