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Let's Clean Up Europe Campaign in Ibiza, Spain


Let's Clean Up Europe Campaign in Ibiza, Spain

Sara Francesca

The Let's Clean Up Europe campaign has just ended.

Until last year I wasn't even aware of the initiative, but this year I took part in it big time.

I volunteered for Ibiza Limpia and Casita Verde to clean up 18 km of road onboard of an electric vehicle together with my awesome new friend Chris.

He landed on the island over 30 years ago and he has been working since then for a greener Ibiza.

He is a man of vision. Who acts locally. 

Chris from CASITA VERDE and I @Mercadillo de Forada.

Our Made in Spain trusted electric car.
PS: it was a windy day...

Garbage is something we don't think about. We have managed well enough to put it somewhere "away" so we don't have to see it. 

Unfortunately, there is no such place as "away" on Planet Earth - nor around it. 

Waste is a manmade concept. In Nature such a thing called 'waste' does not exist .

What comes out of a process is the starting point of another process. The nature of Nature is an everlasting circle of endless resources. 


Task of the day:  reduce your waste.

Each time you reach for the bin count until 5 before throwing something "away". 

In those five seconds, did any idea jumped at you on how to creatively reusing / transforming / recycling that specific object?

Produce less. Create more. 


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