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Listen up 🎶  The best eco speakers


Listen up 🎶 The best eco speakers

Sara Francesca

Summer is here… time for dancing!


I listen to music, lots of podcasts and audiobooks on my smartphone. Headphones work great, but there are times when I’d like to turn up the volume and have a 360° ambience sound experience.


I started looking for speakers to connect to my Fairphone and I wanted it to be as eco-friendly as possible. When it comes to tech products it is hard to stay low impact on the environment, as technology is man-made by design - a hotchpotch of plastics, copper, metals and batteries. 


I wanted a small portable loudspeaker that I could carry around as well as use at home. After a bit of research, I had two options. 


Option 1 - I found a speaker at the local tech store, that was

- made in China

- electricity dependent 

- priced about 20€  - plus, the electricity bill and the maintenance it requires until one day it stops to function

- not recyclable, a generator of waste. 


Option 2 - way more interesting… it is called Ecophonic. I came across the most ecofriendly speakers. They are:

- made in Spain

- handcrafted from FSC certified locally sourced wood

- electricity-free

- priced about 30€

- everlasting and/or recyclable

- a piece of beautiful design

- so simple, so smart

- and, last but not least...waterproof! Wood won't get ruined by a few drops of water...


Which one will I buy? Take a wild guess ;).


If you are a maker in the soul and you want to make your own wooden speakers check out this tutorial.


If you, like me, want to spurge a bit on a piece of good design and support a consciously working European company, you can order them online. They can carve a personalised message on your speakers, too. 


PS: I couldn’t write a piece about speakers without listening to some music… this song was in my ears! May it fire you up!


Disclaimer: I am genuinely endorsing Ecophonic products because I like them. I am not financially nor politically involved with the company.