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#7 • How to get your Life in Order


#7 • How to get your Life in Order

Sara Francesca

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Do you feel like you are loosing sight of the practical things in life?

Are you going through a life re-design process?

How about starting from the basics?

In this episode I share a slightly revised version of the Clean Sweep Program by Thomas J. Leonard for your personal use.

It is a hands-on, very practical, & clear checklist of 100 things to create a safe & loving environment for yourself - at all levels.

Take care of the basics and your life will flourish! 

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Ready to change your State of Mind? 

In this episode you will learn about:

• How to get a good Clean Sweep of your life.

• Why taking good care of the basics significantly reduces your level of stress and anxiety.

• A hand on, practical and effective tool you can start applying right now!

Due to the size of the file, the episode can take up to 1 minute to start after you click the PLAY button. A bit of patience ;)