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Optimal Health Journey

BANNER: Be more Human. Less Animal. Less Robot.  


Optimal Health Journey

Get your Free Custom Action Plan to enhance your healthy lifestyle or to accompany your healing journey. 


3 common Mindset Mistakes preventing you from Optimal Health... 


I'm feeling ok, it's not too bad...


Most people live with chronic inflammations & they don't even realize it. They think "feeling OK" means being healthy. Nope. "Healthy" is feeling fully alive in you flesh & bones! Feeling strong, relaxed and... on fire! 


I haven't found the right doctor for me yet... 


You are your own doctor! Specialists and Health Professionals can only help you in the process, but you are the Ultimate Master of your Healing!

When I will be healthy, 


I will... 


Dreaming about "being healthy"? I'm sorry... Health is not a target to go towards. You are, and so is your Health. It's a process. Your body & mind redefine this process at every given moment of the day. In other words... You're already "being healthy"!


Request your Free Journey to Optimal Health 

I think we all want the same thing (Being Healthy) - only the ways to go there are multiple. That's why, instead of preparing the "download this free e-book" offer, that is the same for everybody, I decided to offer you a custom 21 days action plan to better health, tailored to your own needs. 

That's how it works:

1. Take a short test now

2. Allow 4 to 6 days for me to look through it

3. You'll receive a custom pdf in your inbox with my 3 best tips handpicked for you, that you can put into action in the next 21 days. Yes, you'll get an accountability chart, too. 

I've helped many people already to find their way to better Health & Balance. Now it's your turn!


Health is a delicate equilibrium of body & mind. “Health” as a word is charged with lots of different meanings for lots of different people...
I refer to it as our natural state of wellbeing, a state where we can thrive and relax into Life, trusting in all the goodness that it has to offer us. 
— Sara Francesca