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Life Design in English

I coach you through (re) designing the Life of Your Dreams

We are all in a process of becoming.

Our genuine dreams & soulful wishes are our Polaris. 


My own Transformational Journey

Over the last few years I went from... 

• being desperately single (the pretty girl who couldn't find The One...)

• having all sorts of health issues - anyone familiar with psychosomatic symptoms? 

• and not doing what I wanted in life - as a profession


• having the most wonderful, loving & healthy relationship I've ever experienced

• loving my body fully & creating a nourishing mind-body connection 

• building my own soul-aligned business (I'm a soulpreneur) & launching impactful start-up projects  

How did I do this?

First & foremost: by taking full responsibility for my life & be willing to change.

I got familiar with the concepts of Acceptance, Forgiveness & Unconditional Love 

I embraced all fabulous qualities of my Feminine Nature

I learnt how to manage my Mind & Emotions 

I built Confidence and Trust (in the Universe... yes, I'm talking about Faith)

Also, I got a lot of guidance from a lot of different people when I needed it...

I invested in myself & my dreams. 

And now I'm living the life of my dreams. 



The 6 Weeks Empowering Program 

Kickstart on your Life Design Journey


Through the 6 Weeks Empowering Program you will:

Discover how to Love Yourself more, or start doing it right now. 

Boost your Self-confidence for Life.

Learn how to manage your Thoughts & Emotions for Success. 

Make yours some Self-coaching Tools you can apply to any other situation in your life. 

Uncover your Limiting Believes & let go of them. 

Overcome your fears & become fully available to Intentionally create your Future

Stop waiting for your Dreams to happen. 

Make it Happen. 

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Program Features

Duration: 6 sessions of 1 hour (sometimes longer :).

Type of sessions: audio/video calls or in person.

Availability: 24/7. Flexibility around dates & times to best suit your schedule. 

Private Coaching: 1:1 individual coaching tailored to your own specific practical & emotional needs. 

Start of the program: whenever you are ready (*).

(*) If you are reading until here on the page, it means you probably are ready.



• Initial Free Strategy Session to get clarity around objectives and coaching plan.

• Check-in in between sessions as needed.

• Individual assignments to apply week by week.


Name *

I am Sara Francesca, born and currently living in Italy. 

Previously places where I've lived include: Japan, Denmark, Ibiza (Spain). 

I coach in English, Spanish and Italian. 

You can access my programs Worldwide.