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my story

Why I started a natural lifestyle business


I studied Social Entrepreneurship & Management, that is a joint degree of Social Science and Business.


They taught me how to create, manage and sustain a business with a measurable Social and/or Environmental impact. 


What is a Social Business?


For example, a business that gives one pair of shoes for free to a child in need in a developing country for every pair that gets purchased in a rich country can be defined a Social Business with a Social Impact.


However, my individual understanding of Social Impact is a bit different. 


Sprout where you were planted
— source unknown

Creating Social Impact for me means creating a positive change for the society I’m living in, not the one of some remote country “in need”.  


This is my calling: to serve my peers. 


What is the best way I can serve them - within my talents, skills and possibilities? 


Lifestyle caused diseases 


I see an increasing need of vibrant health and well being. 


Despite excellent medical care, hygiene controls, overbooked doctors & naturopaths and an ordeal of health stores, we are the population with the highest incidence of:

• cardiovascular diseases

• cancer

• diabetes & other metabolic diseases

• osteoporosis

• chronic muscle-skeletal pain

• mental disorders (i.e. depression, burnout)

• and more...

The Most Common Diseases (MCDs) are responsible for 87% of deaths annually in the EU, according to the European Commission


We are physically weak and mentally debilitated.


How can we accept this as if it was "normality"?!

 Es Vedrà, Ibiza, a powerful place for Connection to Nature. 

Es Vedrà, Ibiza, a powerful place for Connection to Nature. 


Scientific research shows the majority of MCDs are induced by un-balanced lifestyle choices.

Who decided which lifestyle shall we have, if it is healthy enough, if it is good enough for us? 

Is our current lifestyle the right one to empower us to be the happy, healthy & free?


What does it take to change a lifestyle?


The majority of our ailments today stems from a Nature disconnect.

When I say “Nature” I mean the biological rhythms of the human body and the planet, but also the social and relational environment we live in. 


That’s why I help people to Connect back to the Nature inside and around them. 


 Me in my natural habitat.

Me in my natural habitat.

Now, I want to help You in Your Journey of Connection to Nature, to reclaim your Health, Happiness, Power & emotional stability. 


You will learn to rewild yourself in contemporary times.


You will learn...

• to feel and trust your body - for real

• to become your own doctor

• to select, cook and prepare seriously nutritious food

• to be emotionally present with friends & family

• to re-educate and move your feet, so you can walk the trails of life

• to be grounded and smarter 

• to reduce and eliminate stress from your life 

• to shop mindfully & consciously

• to implement the most efficient practices of natural health


Do you want to re-connect to Nature to be healthy and empowered - so you can truly design and live the life of your dreams?


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... And you want to embark on a Journey of Discovery of your own body, health and power, I’d be delighted to accompany you through the process. 


I've boiled down a vast array of information, knowledge and practices from paleo traditions, the latest scientific discoveries and constant human observation and I created a bullet-proof program to transition smoothly towards your own version of Natural Lifestyle. 


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To keep you Safer & Wilder, 


PS: if you want me to help and support you book a free 20' consultation with me and we'll find out if we are a winning team together to improve your life from the ground up!